Geniuscove - Current Openings

We believe in talented people

At Geniuscove Inc, we seek out talented and goal-oriented professionals to join a team.

Our team of innovators and leaders has enabled us to sustain consistent high levels of success and profitability.

You love the digital world. You're fluent in the technologies and passionate about the way they're shaping our future. You're a communicator. An entrepreneur, a great developer, a creator, a student from UVI.

You understand how the Web connects us, and you want to shape the future. You're a restless innovator. You're not only waiting for the next big idea to come along, you're making it happen. You're a unique talent, a visionary, an experimenter, and you're looking for an environment that lets you shine. In other words, you're just our type.

Open positions

There might be a desk for you :

  • International Communication Director
  • PHP/MySQL Developer
  • Web designer